The Department of Water Resources Engineering is well reputed not only because of its educational standard but also due to its commitment to the different fields of development of the country. The Department offers advisory and consultancy services through the Bureau of Research Testing and Consultation (BRTC) on a great variety of water related problems. Clients include government authorities and private agencies associated with water resources development and management.

Recent and ongoing Consultancy Projects

Considering social and national interest, the expertises from the department are always available for the solution of water resources problems. This also helps teachers to gain practical knowledge and enrich curriculum with field experience. Few of the ongoing and recently completed consultancy projects by the department are:

• Capital Dredging and Bank Protection with Jetty Facilities in the Karnafuli River from Sadarghat Jetty to 3rd Karnafuli Bridge (Client: CPA)

• Hydrological & Morphological Study and Review of Pier Foundation Design of P1 and P2 for the 135.318m long P.C. Girder Bridge at 3rd km of Neamatpur-Taherpur Road over Abua river using Mathematical Model (Client: RHD)

• Hydrological & Morphological Study of Proposed 433.0m PC Girder Bridge over Shitalakhya River at 10th km of Gazipur-Azmatpur-Itakhola Road under Narsingdi Road Division (Client: RHD)

• Hydrological & Morphological (Mathematical Modelling) Study for the proposed Manikkhali Bridge at 29th km on Kholpetua River connecting Assasuni-Paikgacha Road, Satkhira (Client: RHD)

• Hydrological & Morphological Study and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Proposed 2 (Two) Bridges to be implemented over Old Brammaputtra River in Jamalpur District (Client: LGED)

• Hydrological & Morphological Study for construction of 200 meter long Baradal Bridge over the Kabadak River at 36th km on Assasuni-Paikgacha Road under Satkhira Division (Client: RHD)

• Mathematical Model Study on the Effect of Construction of a 1 km Long RCC Jetty by Chittagong Port Authority on the Right Bank of the Karnafuli River in a place between Khal No. 14 and Khal No. 15 at Laldiar Char area (Client: CPA)

• Hydrological & Morphological Study for proposed Road Bridge on “Ramnabad River” of Golachipa Upazilla under Patuakhali District (Client: RHD)

• Capital Dredging for Removal of Deposited Silt due to Construction of Bridge over River Karnafuli (Client: CPA)

• Meghna Bridge- River Bed Scour Protection in the Vicinity of Affected Piers and Protection Fender Around Affected Piers (Client: RHD)

• Feasibility Study for Introduction of Circular Waterways in and around Dhaka city, Phase-2 (Client: BIWTA)

• Integrated Development of Hatirjheel and Begunbari Khal (Client: RAJUK & DWASA)

• Mathematical Model Study on the Effect of KEPZ Project on Karnafuli River - Effect of construction of a RCC jetty on the left bank of Karnafuli in the vicinity of the river mouth (Client: KEPZ)

Advisory Services

• Mathematical Modelling Study to Assess Upazilawise Surface and Groundwater Resources and Changes in Groundwater level due to the Withdrawl of Groundwater at the Pilot Areas (Client: IWM)

• Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Monitoring (Client: IWM)

• Emergency Rehabilitation and Expansion of Water Supply System Project (EREWSSP) (Client: DWASA)

• Physical Model Study of Ganges Barrage (Client: RRI)

• Physical Model Study of Padma Bridge (Client: RRI)

• Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor (Client: IUCN)

• Physical Model Study of Launching Behavior of Geobag (Client: RRI)

• Physical Model Study of Re-Excavation of old Madhumati River (Client: RRI)

• Cyclone-Induced Storm Surge Modelling and Assessment of Storm Surge Height for the Construction of Cyclone Shelters in the Coastal Region of Bangladesh (Client: IWM)

Some Previous Consultancy Projects

• Preparation of a Bank Protection Guideline/Manual under Jamuna-Meghna River Erosion Mitigation Project (Client: BWDB)

• External Evaluation of SSWRDSP-I (Client: LGED)

• Hydraulic Study of the Intake Channel for GK Project (Client: BWDB)

• Technical Evaluation of Some Selected Flood Protection and River Erosion Control Works already Implemented by BWDB

• Hydraulic and Morphological Study for the Selection of a Site for Ferry Ghat alternative to Nagorbari/Notakhola

• Updating of Existing Groundwater and Subsidence Model of Dhaka WASA (Client: DWASA)

• Compilation of a Manual on Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design of Roads and Bridges with Institute of Water Modeling (IWM)

• Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design of Dharla Bridge (Client: RHD)

• Siltation Problem in the River Karnafuli from Shah Amanat Bridge to Sadarghat (Client: CPA)

• Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project (on hydrological and water resources aspects)

• Action Research on Wave Erosion Protection in Haor Area at Mithamain, Kishoreganj

• Physical Model Study of Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge in association with RRI

• Salt Water Intrusion in the Meghna Delta, Expert Study Group (Client: Ministry of Agriculture)

• Erosion Protection of Kalidas Pahari Khal Bridge (Client: Ministry of Relief)

• Evaluation of Teesta Barrage project (Client: BWDB)

• Flood Action Plan (Client: Ministry of Water Resources)

• Mathematical Model Study of Pussur-Sibsa River System and Karnafuli River Entrance in association with Danish Hydraulic Institute (Client: MPA & CPA)

• Siltation Problem of Spillways Rails of Chittagong Port Authority, Chittagong (Client: CPA)

• Design of Small Storage Dam and Side Spillway at Barabkunda

• Ashuganj Sabuj Prakalpa Irrigation Project including Design of Siphons, Regulators, Sluices, Canals and Appurtenant Structures (Client: BADC)