In addition to student research carried out within the academic curriculum, faculty members of the department undertake sponsored research and investigations for different government organizations and non-governmental agencies. The university also funds a number of research projects proposed by the faculty members.

Recent Research Works

The department of Water Resources Engineering undertakes various research programs considering national interests and local needs. Research priority is always given towards the sustainable management and development of the complex water resources system. Some of the research works recently incorporated by the faculty members of the department are listed here –

• Application of 2D Mathematical Model for Verification on Water Velocity at Coastal Area of Bangladesh.

• Performance Evaluation of Selected Surface Water irrigation Schemes of BADC.

• A Study of Hydraulic Jump in a Sloping Channel with Abrupt Drop.

• An Experimental Study of Roughness on Selected Flow Parameters in a Compound Meandering Channel.

• Field Assessment of Scour at the Outlet of Selected Road Culverts.

• Modelling the Impact of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on the Morphology of Lower Meghna River.

• Numerical Simulation of Tidal Level at Selected Coastal Area of Bangladesh.

• An Experimental Study on Settling Behavior of Toe Protection Elements of River Bank Protection Works.

• Development of Operation Rule of Proposed Ganges Barrage using Mathematical Model.

Departmental Research Works

A significant part of research works of the department is directed towards the study and solution of field problems. Some research works conducted by the department are given below –

River Response, Training Works and Erosion Protection
Local scour around bridge piers and abutments; Prevention of bank erosion using revetments, groynes, bottom vanes etc; Behavior of river bifurcation; Roughness of various bed materials; Sedimentation rate of alluvial rivers.

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures
Regulator with gravity flap gate; Effect of sluice gate opening angle on the behavior of flow; Study on hydraulic jump in abruptly sloping channel; Behavior of flow in constricted and expanded section.

Coastal Engineering and Coastal Zone Management
Coastal erosion protection; Effectiveness of floating breakwater as protection structure; Saline water intrusion; Estimation of wave height near the coastal belt of Bangladesh.

Hydrology and IWRM
Instream flow requirements of rivers; Hydrologic Forecasting using Artificial Neural Networking; Characterization and impact evaluation of drought; Flood discharge and flood frequency analysis; Development of unit-hydrograph in various river basins.

Climate Change
Climate change impacts on the hydro-morphology of rivers; Regional estimation of climatic parameters.

Groundwater Engineering
Optimization of groundwater monitoring network; Impact of agricultural land use changes on surface and ground water; Optimal evaluation of aquifer parameters in Dhaka city by Krigging; Groundwater level depletion and its impact on aquifer parameters.

Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Relationship of observed and estimated evapo-transpiration of rice; Study of floating pump irrigation in Bangladesh; Stochastic analysis of deficiency of crop water requirement.

Numerical Modeling
Solution of dam-break problem by Collocation method in conjunction with hermite element; Three-dimensional saturated-unsaturated flow simulation by Galerkin finite element method; Numerical model for salinity intrusion in various rivers.

GIS and Remote Sensing
Rainfall estimation over Bangladesh using satellite data; Computation of runoff in the Jamuneswari basin (using Arc-info); Assessment of crop damage due to flood using GIS technology; Assessment of flood inundation using GIS technology