Mathematical Modelling Facilities

The Department of Water Resources Engineering has an advanced set-up of various computational, numerical and mathematical modelling facilities to serve academic purpose as well as to perform research and project works. Faculty members of the department are well reputed for their computational and modelling skills to analyze and solve water related problems.


The department usually develops its own software for various purposes. In addition to the standard utilities, the department uses different open source and commercial software packages available from other sources. Some of the softwares used by the department are mentioned below -

Hydrodynamic and Morphological packages

SMS 8.0, Delft 3D, HEC-RAS, River 2D, DUFLOW, SOBEK etc.

Hydrologic packages

PHABSIM, HEC-HMS, Water-CAD, Storm-CAD etc.

Groundwater packages

MODFLOW, CropWat, ASMWin etc.

Different statistical and optimization softwares are also available and used for the analysis and solution of complex water resources system.

GIS Laboratory

The application of GIS (Geographic Information System) and remote sensing for solving water resources problems is increasing progressively. Therefore the department has a well-facilitated GIS laboratory for both educational and research purpose. It is located on the sixth floor of the Civil Engineering Building.

The laboratory is well equipped with different hardware and softwares for GIS and remote sensing analyses. Related hardwares include one A0 sized and two A3 sized digitizers, scanner, printer, map plotter etc.

Various softwares for the application of GIS and remote sensing in water resources system are also available in this laboratory. Such softwares include ArcInfo, ArcView, ArcGIS, ELWIS, Image Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, 3D Analyst etc.