Degree Programs

Following degrees are being offered by the Department of Water Resources Engineering -

• Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering
• Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering
• Master of Engineering in Water Resources Engineering
• Doctor of Philosophy

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Research Programs

The department always emphasizes on various research works for the sustainable management and development of the complex water resources system. Such research works include -

• Student Research - for postgraduate and some undergraduate theses
• Faculty Research - sponsored by BUET, UGC, Ministry of Science & Technology
• Collaborative and other Sponsored Research

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Continuing Education & Outreach Programs

The department offers various outreach programs such as workshops, seminars and short courses to help the water sector professionals to gain familiarity and stay up-to-date with the recent advances in engineering design, theory and practice. Such programs are aimed for the continuous professional development and capacity building to meet the growing challenges of water related issues.

Department of Water Resources Engineering offered Short Courses on River Bank Protection, Physical & Mathematical Modeling, Dredging, River Basin Management, Coastal Zone Management, IWRM, Groundwater Management, Hydrology etc.

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Academic Linkage with Universities

The department often works in partnership and collaboration with various industries, water sector organizations and alumni community to take advantage of accumulated knowledge of real-world and academia and to develop a knowledge hub among various institutions.

Currently, BUET has various Linkage Programs with different universities. Water Resources Engineering Department was involved in several University Linkage Projects such as –

• University of Alberta-BUET Project (1992-2006)
• BUET-Delft University Linkage Project (1992-2005)
• BUET-University of Texas, Austin Affiliation Program (1994-96)
• AIT-BUET Program (1989-91)

Advisory and Consultancy Services

The Department of Water Resources Engineering independently and often in collaboration with other Departments & Institutes of the university has rendered expert services on Planning & Design of projects and hydraulic Structures, Feasibility Studies, Project Evaluation, River Erosion Protection, Physical & Mathematical Modeling, Assessment & Improvement of Navigability, Dredging, Groundwater Resource Assessment, Modeling, Estimation of Yield & Subsidence studies etc.

Faculty members of the department have been involved in many land and water sector policy planning of the country and evaluation of various plans and documents. They also served as Experts and Advisors in various National Level committees of different Ministries and Organizations.

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