Laboratory facilities provide controlled conditions in which researches, experiments and measurements are performed. The department has good experimental and computational facilities in a number of laboratories. These laboratories are well equipped with highly sophisticated and up to date facilities for teaching and research needs.

Hydraulics and River Engineering Laboratory

Hydraulics and river engineering laboratory is located on the ground floor of the Civil Engineering Building . Experimental investigations on various aspects of pipe and open channel flow are conducted in this laboratory.

A large tilting flume provides facilities for study of flow fields and scour pattern below water control structures in open channels. Another small tilting flume mostly used for teaching laboratory classes. There is also a multipurpose sand bed used for different physical model studies. Other equipment includes Fluid Friction Apparatus, Multipurpose Hydraulic Test Rig, Flow Visualization Tank for scour studies, Hydraulics Bench, Wave Generator, Bed Profile Plotter, Sedimentograph, Magnetic Flow Meter, Electromagnetic Current Meter, Universal Current Meter etc.

Various experiments on irrigation and groundwater are also carried out in this laboratory. Key equipments include Basic hydrology system, Soil permeator and tensiometer, Pump testing apparatus, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) for instantaneous soil moisture content etc.

Physical Modelling Facilities

In order to understand the complex hydraulic and various water related phenomena, it is often required to undertake physical and scale modelling studies. Therefore the department has developed its own outdoor physical modelling facilities.

This outdoor physical modelling facilities has been constructed in the campus covering a large area. The dimension of this physical model is about hundred by fifty meters (75.5m x 47.25m). This facility is equipped with inlet pumps, recirculating canal, measuring rail, tailgates, point gauges, rehbock weirs etc. Sophisticated equipments like ADV, electromagnetic velocity meter, universal current meter etc. are alos available for various measurememt purposes.

The students and teachers of the department has the access to this laboratory to conduct their researches. This facility enables researchers to investigate river response due to various structural interference, performance of river training and bank protection works, occurance of scour, behavior of meandering rivers etc.